Breakfast Box

Breakfast Box

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If you want to enjoy a Church Farm breakfast then look no further than this fantastic meat box. Packed full of delicious meat, this is the perfect way to get ready for the day ahead. All of the cuts in this box are from our farm, freshly prepared by our in-house butchers.


Serves 2 - 4 people and contains: 6 x rashers of back bacon, 4 x free range pork sausages, 6 Med Eggs, 100g chestnut mushrooms, 1 x tomato, 1 x loaf of bread.

Serves 4 - 6 people and contains: 8 x rashers of back bacon, 8 x free range pork sausages, 6 Med Eggs, 200g chestnut mushrooms, 2 x tomatoes, 1 x loaf of bread.

 Serves 6 - 8 people and contains: 12 x rashers of back bacon, 12 x free range pork sausages, 12 Med Eggs, 300g chestnut mushrooms, 3 x tomatoes, 2 x loaves of bread,